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Import refers to the purchase of raw materials, products, and services required for production or consumption from non-local residents. The purpose of import is to obtain lower-cost production inputs, or to seek monopoly profits for products and services that are not available in the country, and to purchase from other countries and regions. It is well understood. For example, electric vehicles are purchased from other countries to their own country. This is called import.

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When importing, every product is subject to import tariffs, and the tariffs of each product are inconsistent. Import taxes are also an important means of a country's foreign policy. According to the needs of political and economic relations, some countries will impose different tax rates on the same commodity from different countries, thus forming a kind of differential treatment. If this differential treatment is used as the standard, import taxes can be divided into ordinary taxes, most-favored-nation taxes, preferential taxes and general preferential systems. Like our protagonist, the electric car is a kind of higher tariff in the local area. This is relatively high for import customs clearance. We will also focus on this area and match some low-tax products, which can greatly reduce Product tariffs, so that we can also reduce a part of the expenses during the transportation of our own products, including the import of bicycles, we must obtain the qualification of importing bicycles, otherwise there may be a risk of deduction at the customs clearance bank, resulting in the failure of the goods to be cleared. We have been engaged in the electric vehicle transportation industry for 10 years. In the electric vehicle field, we have always been adhering to the service concept of safety, comfort and comfort to our overseas friends, and we have always thanked overseas friends for their support and tolerance. Let us, Jiacheng's reputation overseas is not inferior to domestic ones.

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