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Sea Operating Conditions

Sea Operating Conditions

International carriage of goods by sea refers to the act of transporting the cargo consigned by the shipper from one country’s port to another country’s port by sea, using a sea-going vessel as a means of transport and receiving freight as a reward, in accordance with the agreement of the maritime cargo transportation contract.

International Ocean Freight (International Ocean Freight) is the most important mode of transportation in international trade. More than two-thirds of the total international trade volume, most of my country’s import and export goods are transported by ocean transportation.

Jiacheng International is committed to the field of British maritime transport. It mainly carries electric vehicle products. It has electric vehicle import qualifications and stable customs clearance. There are about 15-20 electric vehicle cabinets every week, and approximately 3000-5000 vehicles are shipped to the United Kingdom. , Safety and reliability is our business philosophy. The port of departure from Yantian, Shenzhen, and the port of destination, Felixstowe, UK, are a one-stop service experience from loading to shipping to delivery to the door. We are more of a link to China. With British buttons, it is our purpose and mission to transport goods from China to buyers safely and without damage.The best product, the best service and the best reputation for you.

Our philosophy: “integrity-based, strength first, wholeheartedly serve customers”. Our company adheres to the business philosophy of customer first and service first. With excellent IT service quality, professional technical service strength and skilled customer service team, our company ensures customers to gallop on the high-speed road in the information age, and with stability, development, loyalty, efficiency The spirit of unity and innovation, respect for talents and focus on technology, so that customers can continuously obtain the maximum benefits while enjoying the latest achievements of information technology development.


Post time: Sep-24-2021