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Integrated electric bicycle customs clearance overseas warehouse agent service

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Customs Clearance is an economic term. That is, customs clearance refers to the procedures that should be performed in accordance with various laws, regulations and regulations when importing, exporting or transshipping goods enter and exit a country’s customs territory.

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Only after fulfilling various obligations and going through customs declaration, inspection, taxation, release and other procedures for customs clearance, the goods can be released and the owner or declarer can pick up the goods. Similarly, various means of transport that carry import and export goods need to declare to the customs, go through customs formalities, and obtain permission from the customs. During the customs clearance period, the goods, whether they are imported, exported or transshipped, are under customs supervision and are not allowed to circulate freely.

For example, electric vehicles belong to express customs clearance. As far as express import is concerned, its advantages are obvious. First of all, it does not need the cargo owner to provide the documents and related certificates. Secondly, because the information it requires is only the commercial invoice and packing list of the goods, the time and speed required for express import are relatively fast, from receiving the goods to importing. Customs clearance to the mainland is generally within one to two days. If there are a lot of goods, you can declare the import in batches, so the import of large quantities of goods can also be operated by express import. Bicycles are anti-dumping goods, and customs clearance will be difficult, difficult to clear and customs detained. , We are the only company in China with bicycle import qualifications. It is registered locally, and it can pass the pre-clearance and zero inspection customs clearance standards, providing a faster way for our transportation, so the cost of express import The time is short, the speed is fast, and the procedures are simple. It is definitely better than ordinary trade imports. As long as you find us, the car you purchase can come to your door across the ocean. This is the charm that our logistics gives us. Where.

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