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Import and export of bicycles by sea to door

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Mountain biking originated in 1977. It was converted from an ordinary bicycle by a student of the University of California, Scott. Later, a form of sports gradually formed and became popular in Europe and America.

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It can be used as an environmentally friendly means of transportation for transportation and travel; more and more people use bicycles as fitness equipment for cycling exercises and bicycle outings; bicycles are also a sports competition, such as road bicycle races, mountain bike races, Track bicycle races, stunt bicycle races, etc.

The length of the bicycle shall not exceed 185 cm, the width shall not exceed 50 cm, and the weight shall not be less than 6.8 kg. The length of the seat should be between 24-30 cm, the distance between the central axis and the ground should be between 24-30 cm, and the diameter of the front and rear wheels of the bicycle must be the same. The maximum diameter of the wheel is 70 cm and the minimum is 55 cm.

The riding distance for mountain bike races is 40-50 kilometers. Among them, gentle sections shall not exceed 15%, and the rest are uneven sections. The route usually consists of a high-speed downhill section, a hill-climbing section, a country section, a gravel section, a forest section and a short asphalt section.

Now the world has its own bicycle associations, small groups, all love the sport of cycling, green and healthy aerobic life, who can not love it, of course, there are many brands of bicycles, and its purpose is to unite the country's bicycles. Sports workers and enthusiasts actively carry out healthy and beneficial cycling activities, strive to improve the level of competition, and promote the popularization and development of cycling in China.

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