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High-quality domestic import and export electric vehicle agent

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Exports provide non-residents with the products and services they need, with the aim of expanding the scale of production and extending the life cycle of products.

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Corresponding to import, it refers to the trade behavior of exporting domestic goods or technology to foreign countries. At this stage, countries also encourage export. There are many favorable policies for export, such as Amazon, Alibaba International Station and other cross-border e-commerce platforms. The annual growth of the international CDP promoted by exports is a type of export. In my opinion, exports can be commodities or labor services. In short, all tangible or intangible goods that can be exchanged for The buying and selling relationship is the act of buying and selling commodities that are transported through the customs (or border) of a sovereign country (or region) to another sovereign country (or region). According to customs statistics, in 2012, the total value of my country's foreign trade imports and exports was 3866.76 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 6.2% over the previous year. Among them, exports were US$2049.83 billion, an increase of 7.9%; imports were US$1817.83 billion, an increase of 4.3%; the trade surplus was US$231.1 billion, an increase of 48.1%.

The export involves the customs broker. The customs declaration refers to the import and export goods consignee and consignor, the person in charge of the inbound and outbound transportation, the owner of the inbound and outbound goods, or their agents go through the customs procedures for the entry and exit of the goods, articles or transportation tools and related procedures. The process of customs affairs includes declaration to the customs, delivery of documents for inspection, and acceptance of customs supervision and inspection. Customs declaration is one of the necessary links to fulfill customs entry and exit procedures. Like electric high-power electric vehicles, we have our own customs brokers and customs for up to 10 years of business cooperation. Exports are stable, customs declaration information is simple, and zero inspections. All export declarations are made under the original product name.

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