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Focus on transportation in the field of electric bicycles

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International transportation refers to the transportation of goods from a certain place in one country to a certain place in another country by one or more means of transportation. There are many ways of international transportation, including maritime transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, combined transportation and so on.

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Among them, ocean transportation is the most important mode of transportation in international trade. More than two-thirds of the total international trade volume is transported by ocean transportation. The advantages of ocean transportation are the large volume, low shipping cost, and easy access to sea lanes. However, the speed is slow and the sailing date is not easy to be accurate, which are its shortcomings.

Like electric bicycles and balance bikes, the annual foreign demand increases with the times, the heat remains high, and the customs clearance is convenient. The overall transportation time, we can promise to be at least 20 days faster than the transportation on the market, like the cabinets we use It is a level 3 container of cosco. This type of container has a stable shipping schedule, a fixed sailing time, and a stable position. The sailing schedule is normally 24 natural days. At the back end, our own customs clearance agency will carry out customs clearance. Containers, our company’s past cargo cabinets, were all arranged to pick up, disassemble and handle the containers at the first time. We have our own overseas team to handle them one-handed. After customs clearance, we will pick up the containers to our overseas warehouses. Finally, we will give priority to the arrangement of trucks. . The overall time limit is about 50 natural days from loading to signing! Safety and stable timeliness are our tenet in the field of electric vehicles. In the field of electric vehicles, our annual export transportation volume has reached 30% of the entire Chinese market. In 2020, we will be judged by the Shenzhen government. A high-quality domestic electric vehicle import and export agency service provider, with both reputation and market acceptance, we will become more and more confident in this market field. Let us move forward together in the direction of our respective fields and work together for a better tomorrow. Come on, shout.

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