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Electric balance car is also called somatosensory car, thinking car, camera car and so on. There are mainly two types of single wheel and double wheel on the market. Its operating principle is mainly based on a basic principle called “Dynamic Stabilization”. It uses the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the car body to detect the change of the car body’s attitude, and uses the servo control system to accurately The ground drive motor is adjusted accordingly to maintain the balance of the system. It is a new type of green environmental protection product used by modern people as a means of transportation, leisure and entertainment.

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The principle of operation is mainly based on a basic principle called "dynamic stability", which is the automatic balancing ability of the vehicle itself. The built-in precision solid-state gyroscope is used to judge the body's posture state, and after the appropriate instructions are calculated by the precision and high-speed central microprocessor, the motor is driven to achieve the effect of balance.

The control is extremely convenient. The forward, backward and running speed of the two-wheeled electric balance car can be changed only by tilting the body forward and backward, which is much more convenient and flexible than traditional cars.

In the electric balance car system, to obtain the acceleration and angular velocity information, the acceleration sensor can convert the acceleration generated in the human body motion into a signal for effective processing, thereby judging the action of the human body; the gyroscope can change the rotation angular velocity of the electric balance car Converted into a signal, the rotation angular velocity integral processing corresponds to the tilt angle of the balance car, so that the balance of the electric balance car can be controlled.

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