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He has a constant speed of 35, and he can step on it if he wants to. It basically does not affect the speed. Don’t look at it, take action.

Now most of the riders are more resistant to ebike at the beginning, but after trying them, they all shouted: It’s so fragrant, many foreign friends sent me emails, I met ebike late, thanks to Tesla’s opening, the current battery I can finally fit it into the frame. I really love this guy. The share of electric vehicles in the national economy is increasing year by year.

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It conforms to the national trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, and greatly facilitates short-distance transportation. The most important thing is that it plays an important role in the national economy through the saving and protection of energy and the environment. The development of electric vehicles has been almost 40 years, technology and The exterior design is also very mature. The main accessories include the electric bicycle, which is composed of four major parts: battery, electric wheel hub, controller, charger and body part.

We are accustomed to bicycles, and someday feel tired from riding. Do you plan to buy an electric cross-country bike? At least we are used to our sitting posture. We can exercise, cross-country, home use, play, or modify it ourselves. To complete your dream of modification, the most intuitive experience for riders is that the electronic control system on the electric vehicle is very rich. In addition to the traditional variable speed transmission, the electric bicycle uses a high-power motor and a lithium battery with a capacity of 200Wh. The official mark can reach 60km in the low-power mode. The bike has 3 speed gear options, namely 25km/h, 40km/h, and 50km/h. These settings are not only adjustable on the handlebars, but also can be adjusted remotely via the mobile app. But considering the road rules for two-wheelers, if you want to ride at a speed of more than 25km per hour, you need to obtain a driver's license. What do you guys think of such a useful plaything for household use?

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