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Analysis, Industry Pain Points

With the concept of low carbon, environmental protection, and healthy life gradually penetrated into the lives of every household, electric bicycles and a healthy lifestyle, China is becoming a big exporter of electric bicycles, and every year, hundreds of thousands of bicycles are transported to all parts of the world. , Like Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, manufacturers are all over the place. Jiacheng International is an e-commerce carrier logistics company located in Fuyong, Shenzhen.


Since its establishment in 11 years, there have been 11 years of development. From the beginning, we have been focusing on the electric vehicle market. There are more than 200 car companies in cooperation, and the export volume accounts for 40% of the Chinese market share. , We uphold the efficient, fast and stable business philosophy, and serve more than 2w+ Chinese and overseas customers. Because bicycle products belong to anti-dumping products, they have a great obstacle to import. We have been difficult to clean officials from the beginning to the present Possessing local bicycle import qualifications and owning its own VAT customs clearance number, which greatly reduces transportation costs, and makes logistics exports safer and more convenient, thus solving the barriers between exports and imports between countries, allowing electric The export of bicycles is smoother. This is the mission that history has entrusted to our Jiacheng Enterprise. We also promise to continue this mission and provide more convenient and funny logistics services to more overseas friends.

At present, our company’s weekly export volume of electric bicycles to the UK has reached 7w+. From the factory to our company, and then to foreign friends, the number of days has been reduced to 50 days. It is the third largest port in the world, Yantian. The port has its own independent port. This is the service we can provide, including the safety of goods. It is our responsibility to not damage. As more and more foreign friends love, our export volume is also increasing by 5% year by year. In growth, I sincerely hope that foreign friends can join our big family and purchase large and small quantities. We will also provide you with the most sincere service and sincere heart. We can provide cooperative manufacturers, from procurement to transportation to We can provide a one-stop service model for distribution, so that you can have a better experience and service.